Helen L. Coons, Ph.D., ABPP

Helen L. Coons, Ph.D., ABPP

If your group is looking for a dynamic speaker, Dr. Coons is well known for her interactive workshops for patient, professional and corporate groups on a host of topics. We speak to local and national audiences on a range of issues listed below, and can easily adapt talks on other issues at your request. We also work with groups to provide one time or multiple workshops.

Dealing with Stress at Home and Work

Tips for reducing stress at home and work
Reducing irritability when you are overwhelmed
Sound tips for sound sleep

Pregnancy and Fertility Related Issues

Post-partum depression and anxiety
Sexual health after childbirth
Couples communication before and after the baby arrives
Pregnancy loss during
Managing mood and relationship issues during fertility treatment

Women with Cancer

Coping with cancer during and after treatment
Sexuality and sexual functioning in women after cancer treatments
Chemo brain: Improving concentration and memory during and after treatment
Strategies for coping with advanced cancer
Talking with your family about cancer
Dating after cancer treatments
Coping with a second cancer after childhood cancer
Women “at risk” for breast, ovarian and colon cancer

Health Concerns

What gets in the way of women taking care of themselves
Sexual health and functioning for women across the life span
Smoking cessation
Coping with chronic medical conditions such as PCOS, pain problems, epilepsy, etc.
Coping with an ill spouse, parent or child
Stress and mood related eating

Mood and Self Esteem

Improving self esteem and body image
Treating depression among women of any age

Coping with sudden loss or trauma

Common reactions to sudden loss or trauma
How to reduce distress and cope healthfully after loss or trauma