Dr. Helen L. Coons is available for media interviews on a host of topics in women’s health and mental health, coping with early and advanced care, and stress. Past examples of presentations on radio, TV, web sites, magazine articles, community teleconferences, and continuing education CD’s are listed below.

Media Presentations and Interviews

Twitter Chat (November 6, 2015). Women with Advanced Breast Cancer. Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Coons, H.L., Andre, F., & Harmer, V.

Vogue Magazine (October, 2015). High achieving women and happiness. Writer: Abigail Walch.

Oakland Press, Macomb Daily, Digital First Media (October, 2015). Stress management and depression in women. Writer: Jane Peterson.

Huffington Post/ (September, 2015). Psychosocial needs of women with advanced breast cancer. Writer: Barbara Jacoby

APA Monitor (September, 2015). The face of psychology: A new report from APA’s Center for Workforce Studies. Writer: Kirsten Weir.

MedPage Today (July, 2015). Depression in Women with Advanced Breast Cancer: Provider Screening and Referral Options. Writer: Shannon Firth.

Medscape Oncology (June, 2015). Fear of Cancer Recurrence and Sleep Quality in Cancer Survivors. Writer: Roxanne Nelson.

Huffington Post (June, 2015). Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety. Writer: Rebecca Adams.

I Am Magazine (January, 2015). Self Care in Women: Is it Selfish or Self-Respectful? Writer: Angie Hays. (January, 2015). Expert source on Love Thyself: Learning to Have a Healthy Body Image. Writer: Corey Whelan. (October, 2014). Expert source on Women Coping with Advanced Breast Cancer and their Caregivers. Writer: Gina Roberts-Grey. (May, 2014). Expert source on Women’s Real Body Photo Stirs Blacklash Against Body Shaming. Writer: Sarah Bourassa. (April, 2014). Expert source on Stop the Mirror Hate! How to be Happier with your Reflection. Writer: Sarah Bourassa. (October, 2013). Expert source on Risk Taking After Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Writer: Diane Mapes.

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine (April, 2013). Expert source on Body Image, Pregnancy and Post-Partum Depression. Writer: Lisa Fields.

The News Journal (April, 2013). Expert source on The Impact of Breast Cancer on Body Image. Writer: Kelly Bothum. (January, 2013). Expert source on Women and Post-Partum Depression. Writer: Malia Flame.

Self Magazine (November, 2012). Expert source on Relationships and Body Image in Women across the Life Span. Writer: Hallie Levine Sklar

New York Genome Center Magazine (November, 2012). Expert source on Impact of Genetic Counseling on Health Decisions and Well-Being. Writer: Christie Rizk. (September, 2012). Expert source on Women’s Fears of Breast Cancer. Writer: Stacey Colino. (September, 2012). Expert source on Weight Loss After Pregnancy. Writer: Lisa Flam.

NBC 10 (August, 2012). Expert source on Mothers Who Murder.

iVillage (May, 2012). Expert source for “15 Ways to Tame Arthritis Pain with your Mind” Writer: Laura Flynn McCarthy.

WHYY Radio (April, 2012). Expert source on Controlling Worry in Women with Advanced Breast Cancer. Reporter: Maiken Scott, Behavioral Health Desk.

Women’s Health Magazine (February, 2012). Expert source on Anxiety and Depression in Women. Writer: Tori Rodriguez.

More Magazine (February, 2012). Expert source on Sexual Desire in Women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Writer: Yanique Redwood.

LearnVest.Com (January, 2012). Expert source on Gender Differences in Stress. Writer: Maria Lin.

Fit Pregnancy Magazine (January, 2012). Expert source on Pregnancy and Post-Partum Depression. Writer: Kim Schworm Acosta.

ABCNews.Com (January, 2012). Expert source on Families and Pregnancy Loss. Writer: Susan James. (October, 2011). Expert source for Your Body and Breast Cancer. Writer: Jas Gabbidon.

iVillage (September, 2011). Expert source for Is Your Bladder Interfering With Your Love Life? Writer: Laura Flynn McCarthy.

iVillage (September, 2011). Expert source for Quiz: What Do You Really Know About Hormones and Mood?” Writer: Laura Flynn McCarthy.

Real Simple (August, 2011). Expert source for Will Power and Health. Writer: Stephanie Booth. (May, 2011). Expert source for Improving Health and Wellbeing for Women with Young Children. Writer: Kelly Mickle. (April, 2011). Expert source for Menopause and Dating. Writer: Margot Lester.

Redbook Magazine (April, 2011). Expert source for “Would you get a mommy tuck.” Writer: Hallie Levine Sklar.

Cosmopolitan Magazine (January, 2011). Expert source for Women Considering Having Children. Writer: Stacey Colino.

Women’s Health Magazine (December, 2010). Expert source for Women and Stress. (December 2010). Expert source for Women and Workplace Stress.

ABCNews.Com (November, 2010). Expert source for Women and Pregnancy Loss. Writer: Susan Donaldson James. (October, 2010). Live Webchat on Life After Breast Cancer. (September, 2010). Live Webchat on Issues Facing Young Adults After a Cancer Diagnosis. (June, 2010). Expert source for Couples Coping with Miscarriage. Writer: Francesca Di Meglio.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Newsletter (Summer, 2010). Expert source on “Honoring Your Body During and After Treatment.”

American Psychological Association (November, 2009). Stress in America presentation to 18 media writers, New York. (November 2009). Expert source for “Woman Vs. Cookie.” Writer: Barbara Kantrowitz.

Wall Street (November, 2009). Expert source for “Are We Too Stressed Out to Reduce Our Stress?” Writer: Stefanie Ilgenfritz.

Self Magazine (June, 2009). Expert source for “Psychotherapy and Physical Problems.”

Erickson Tribune (March, 2008). Expert source for “Improving Sex After 70.”

WedMD (February, 2008). Expert source for “Vaginal Problems That Affect Your Sex Life.” Writer: Heather Morgan Shott.

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) (January, 2008). Continuing Education DVD “Common Sexual Concerns in Ob/Gyn Practice.” With Jacqueline Gutmann, M.D. & Susan Kellogg-Spadt, CRNP, Ph.D

Health.Com (December, 2007). Videos on Women’s Health and Mental Health.

Why the Stigma Against Depression at Work Is Real; Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Go Away By Itself; Fighting Sex and Body Changes After Breast Cancer.

6 ABC – WPVI and Web Cast (October, 2007). “Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer.”

Health.Com (October, 2007). “Body Image and Sexual Functioning in Women with Breast Cancer.”

Satellite Media Tour and Radio Media Tour (September, 2007). 20 live and taped interviews. “Women Living with HER2Neu Positive Breast Cancer.”

Elle Magazine. Expert source for Psychosocial issues for women considering prophylactic mastectomies.

Young Survivor Coalition (December, 2006). Expert of the Month. Web-based questions on Managing Relationships During the Holidays.